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Bugatti is a French car manufacturer and was founded in 1909. The company was known for its engineering in automobiles and for the artistic designs with the Type 57SC Atlantic being a fine example. The manufacturer has also has a lot of success on the race track and won the Monaco GP in 1930 for the first time. The manufacturer went into financial trouble after the death of its owner and after the WWII and only after it was bought by Volkswagen did it come back into prominence.

Bugatti chief vehicle engineer Jens Schulenburg said, “We are working on the next super sports car.” “The big challenge will be reducing weight. We are looking at some incredible technologies, such as wheels made entirely from carbon fibre. We’re considering hybrids, too.”

The top speed is expected at 464kmph. The increase in power and acceleration is significant to the Grandsport which has a top speed of 407kmph, reaches 100kmph in 2.46seconds from its 1001PS and 1250 Nm of torque. The next Super Veyron will be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show next year and will be powered by the same a 4 turbo, W16 engine. The engine capacity will be increased from 8 to 9.6-litres.The aerodynamics have been improved but the Veyron will use the same distinctive grille and ‘odd’ proportions.

The Veyron which defied the laws of physics when it was launched, will launch only 350 versions of the new Veyron. The new car will use more carbon fibre and at a time when most manufacturers are busy decreasing the engine capacity to increase the fuel efficiency, Bugatti is definitely an exception.