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It's important to us that you found renting a vehicle from Forum AFA Car Rental as efficient, satisfying and hassle-free as possible and that our services and staff met the high standards you expected of them. We value your comments and will use them to ensure our service is continually improved to reflect your expectations and requirements. So if you can spare a moment to fill in this simple form, we at National Car Rental would appreciate it.

As always, your details and comments will be kept in strict confidence and not shared with anyone outside of our organisation.

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Was the billing detailed and accurate?                                                                                                Good        Fair        Poor

Was your phone directed to the right person?.                                                                                 Yes           No

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About us

    Our company is constantly improving, striving to become the best in region by offering its customers the very highest levels of service and customer care by the gold standard in customer service. To ensure our customer's satisfaction, we deal with new and late model luxurious cars and SUV's offering a variety
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Our Vision

    Forum Interiors 2 is expanding! We are preparing to make contact with new customers. Our intent is to explain how and what Forum Interiors 2 Company can do for them. Our Team and associates are distinguished by their knowledge of industry and a company’s needs. “We will lead our industry by defining service
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